Independent Water Heaters

Independent Water Heaters



We are pleased to announce that SMART PARKING HEATING & COOLING GROUP  is an importer and distributor of Snugger Technologies Ltd in Poland. It offers high-quality air and water  independent heaters. Snugger products are also offered through a network of highly qualified sales and partnership services located on Polish territory and Europe. The company Snugger Technologies Co., Ltd, is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.
 Snugger Technologies Co., Ltd is part of the  Kingtec Technogies Group. Is one of the world leaders in the design, development and production of refrigeration and heating means of transport, i.e. to buses, rail vehicles, trucks, special vehicles, yachts, boats, campers and caravans. While maintaining the highest quality produce for their own needs, and many well-known brands from Europe, America and Asia.
 Kingtec Technologies Co., Ltd has always focused on creating products of the highest quality. Products are ISO 9001 certified and meet European CE standards, E11, EPA.
 The factory in the production process and construction involved more than 1,100 employees, including 120 engineers in the implementation section, responsible for creating the product corresponding to the current market needs. Snugger products are tested in the toughest conditions around the world and are manufactured using the latest technology. All components used to manufacture the finished product have international certificates CE and ISO 9001. Each product goes through dozens of internal and external laboratory tests.


Distribution of products Snugger is currently taking place in 60 countries around the world. Leading distribution markets include Australia, Canada, the United States, China, Brazil, Russia. In Europe Snugger Technologies products are available inter alia in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Lithuania.

Professional independent heaters from Australia


Heat  and comfort for everyone!

Snugger heaters operate by burning  Diesel fuel , causing heating of the air through the heat exchanger to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. Heating can be connected to the existing fuel system, or retrofitted with separate fuel tank.

Snugger Heaters  operate automatically with a timer setting and remote control. Heating are cheap to operate and have a better parameters than competitive products.

Working comfort while driving or while resting increases efficiency, productivity and driver safety.

Products Snugger wherein the heat exchange fluid is water :



Features and benefits:

• Pre- heating of the engine and extended up its Lifetime
• Elimination of cold ignition
• cab heating
• compact design
• High performance heating
•Fast return on investment


HYDTEC SS 4200 ( 4,2 kW)


HYDTEC SS 5000 ( 5,0 kW)

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