ResfriAgro - air conditioner with an integrated water tank

Manufacturer: Resfriar
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Roof air into the tractor ResfriArgo is designed specifically to work in agriculture, can also be used wherever there is a need for good air filtration - the ability to work in a dusty environment. Because of the integrated reservoir is not needed to install the external tank to the rear wall. The device has a triple filter dust, thanks to what is inside the vehicle's cab gets virtually no pollution.Reservoir in the device, just to day operation. The equipment works perfectly during the days of steam, cools and ventilates cab.

Air conditioner is composed of a cooling unit installed on the roof in place of the sunroof. Creates and ensures a steady flow of moist air into the cabin with electric fan through a straw / fibrous filter moistened with water. The device can be controlled by a control panel on the device while driving. 
Air conditioner uses the process of cooling the air during the evaporation of the water (at the moment when such a temperature causes evaporation). As a result, the cooler air stream flowing through the air conditioner inside the cab. 
Our product is very popular for many years in such countries as Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Denmark.

Advantages conditioner: 
* Works both when switched on and switched off the engine !!! 
* Air conditioner improves work efficiency drivers 
* Low operating costs 
* An air conditioner has a low current consumption and is powered exclusively by battery

• Supply voltage 12 or 24 V 
• Low power consumption: 3.35 AMP / average, 24V

Minimum 0.05 A / h 
An average of 3.20 A / h 
Maximum 8,7 A / h

• The fan has a maximum speed of 10 otáčkových. 4088 rev / min 
• Dispensing air at max. Speed of 400 m3 / h 
• Integrated water tank containing 15 L lasts 8 to 22 hours of continuous operation 
• The engine is air-inspiring Bosch and water pump VDO. 
• Dimensions conditioner / HxWxL / 21 x 85 x 75 cm 
• Water 500-1'500 ml / h (depending on external temperature and humidity)

Standard equipment is delivered with a white cover. 
The device is connected to the detailed assembly instructions, assembly time in the service ranges between 3-4 hours.

The dimensions of the inner cover: 
small 52,5x47,5 cm 
Central 71,5x56,5cm 
great 91x59,5cm