About Company

SMART PARKING HEATING & COOLING GROUP - S-HVAC, is part of the ENA Group, based in Vaxio - Sweden. S-HVAC  is a distributor of high-quality parking heaters, parking air conditioners, portable and build-in compressor fridges. Group brings together service points and distribution in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Participation in the group is on a voluntary basis. S-HVAC is also a place for exchange of technical ideas and experiences. It distributes products companies as:  Volcano Heaters, Snugger - Kingtec, Vitrifrigo, Indel- B, Autoclima. S-HVAC is consistently expanding its sales network by dealerships and OEMs.
Our products are dedicated  for  installation in trucks, vans, busses, caravans , motor homes ,  sailboats and motorboats. S-HVAC provides a very attractive terms of cooperation, competitive pricing, technical support and marketing.

We are looking forward to doing business with you !